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Information about fraud category
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The abuse of entrusted power to extract/accept bribes for personal benefits.

Theft & Fraud
The act of taking goods that are not his right to be owned and acts of deception or lies committed by a person/group of people made for personal interests but cause potential harm to other people/companies.
  • Make and or use and or give and or change and or copy data and or information which is not in accordance with the actual raises the potential losses to the company.
  • Embezzlement of company assets.

Deliberately give, forward, spread the data, transactions, and other information which shall be kept confidential, regulations or authority to others that may cause any financial or non-financial losses for PT. Sorini Towa Berlian Corporindo.

Breach of Laws/Regulations/Policies/Procedures
Infringement which is threatened sanctions under the terms of laws/regulations/policies/procedures both internally or externally.

Receive/give remuneration directly or indirectly in any form from/to any party (employees/government officials/customer representatives/other parties) related to their duties/positions/responsibilities to obtain convenience.

Bullying, Harassment, and Discrimination
Acts that are carried out by one or a group of people intentionally using violence, threats, or coercion with the aim of hurting others, both physically and emotionally.

Misconduct and Malpractice
The improper or unprofessional acts due to negligence or error in carrying out duties, practices, that cause damage or loss to other people and/or the company.

Undisclosed Conflict of Interest
An act that intentionally does not inform the existence of a situation when a person who because of its authority has or is suspected of having a personal interest either because of family ties or friendships or financial relationships could compromise its judgement, decisions or actions in the work place.

Improprieties Related to Operational Matters
Operational actions that do not run properly or are not in accordance with procedures that can cause damage/loss and other consequences that are detrimental to other people/companies.

Unethical Acts
Unethical acts that conducted by employee.
Examples :
  • Conduct immoral acts (prostitution, gambling, etc) in area of PT. Sorini Towa Berlian Corporindo.
  • Use and or distributing narcotics and drugs in area of PT. Sorini Towa Berlian Corporindo.
  • Conduct propaganda/provocation to other employee or external parties.

Health, Safety and Environment
Issues related to health, safety, and environment that can pollute, harm, or endanger employees, society, company’s operations & reputation.

Acts of violation that have not been included in the categories above.

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